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HGH -Transdermal Patch

-Contains 2,500 times more Human Growth Hormones (HGH) compared to HGH oral sprays-

Dissimilar to the expensive injectable HGH, our percutaneous HGH patches does not warrant a doctor's prescription. Our HGH transdermal patches are easy to apply. Basically, all you need to do is apply the patch at night and peel it off in the morning. In about 8 hours, our time-release HGH compound enters your bloodstream via transdermal absorption. You do not need to wear the HGH patch during the day for it to be effective, unless you opt to do so. Moreover, unlike HGH oral sprays, you do not need to worry about several reapplications throughout your day.

We offer you our 25 mg HGH Maximum Strength Patch that is particularly developed for muscle builders and competing athletes who follow a serious physical wellness regimen. Our HGH supplements can provide the following benefits: -Improve Personal Reaction Time -Increase Stamina -Promote Body Fat Burn -Increase Physical Power -Increase Load Capacity -Develop Lean Muscle Mass -Helps Pump up Muscles -Improve Concentration -Boost Body Strength -Expedite Exercise Recovery Time -Heighten Your Personal Energy -Promote Overall Healing Moreover, it can also enhance one's Blood Oxygen Carrying Capacity all through the Cardiovascular framework.

Our 25mg HGH Maximum Strength Patch is a risk-free substitute for the costly injectable HGH formulas. You can avail of the patches for a much lower price compared to the cost of HGH injectables without trading off on quality and efficacy. One 25mg HGH Maximum Strength patch applied every 5 days conveys a percutaneous measurement of 25mg of HGH all through a 12-14 hour time frame. By regularly using our safe and effective HGH patch, you will experience a boost in your Load Capacity, Lean Muscle Mass, Healing, Body Strength, Concentration, Physical Power, Faster Exercise Recovery Time, Stamina, Personal Energy, Muscles Pump, and Personal Reaction Time. You don't need your HGH supplement to circumvent your liver. Our 25mg HGH patches will safely introduce HGH into your body's framework; immediately handled by the liver into different segment development calculates a characteristic, protected and powerful design.

In the event that you have ever asked why there are notable competitors who put their name and employment at risk by taking HGH to raise their athletic execution, the answer is simple: HGH just works!

Our Fact Sheet: 0.102 mm peach shaded FT-200 polyethylene Adhesive: Moderate atomic weight, non-crosslinking, Acrylic co-polymer weight delicate adhesive. Release Liner: 90 gm for every square meter Semi-faded densified kraft.

Active Ingredients per Patch: more than 24,000 nanograms.

HgH (Somatotropin) 22,000 nanograms

Alpha GPC (Alpha Glycerl-Phosphoryl Choline) 600 nanograms GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) 400 nanograms Mucuna Pruriens (L-Dopa Bean Extract) 400 nanograms Moomiyo Extract (Russian Mumie).- 600 nanograms

Size of Patch: 1.25 inches square with rounded corners.
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